Release Blitz: Pearl’s Blaze (Devil’s Iron MC Book 2) by GM Scherbert

Release Blitz:
Pearl’s Blaze (Devil’s Iron MC Book 2)
by GM Scherbert



They almost took her away from me. When I find them they will pay and be put to ground. I will let her heal, but I will not live without her for much longer. She will be mine and there will not be a day that she questions who she belongs to. I don’t know how I will do this alone, again. My body, heart, mind, and soul are broken and I just need to feel something, anything. I have to find a way to get what I want, no need before I go insane with this pain.







Tanks Pearl (Devil’s Iron MC #1)





My husband committed suicide two years ago. Leaving me with two small kids I
thought my life couldn’t get worse. Then, I meet Tank, I fought the attraction
that I felt for him. Giving into it might be the best thing that has ever
happened to me. As it turned out I was wrong, our worlds do not play well
together. Tank 

The first night I saw Pearl, I knew I wanted her. What I was not ready for, was
her fighting against this attraction we have. I want her, I don’t care that she
has kids, or that she doesn’t know shit about the type of life I have. She
thinks that the fact that she’s ten years older than me is an issue… its not.
But the biggest thing she’s mistaken on is the fact that she thinks this thing
between us is just a casual thing. She will be mine and there is almost nothing
that could happen to come between us. 

Or is there?









I was born on a brisk
late April morning and grew up in a small town in the Midwest but, quickly
decided that was not the life for her. I quickly moved away for college and
thought better of returning to that small town on a long term basis. City
living is defiantly the life for me…

My day job working with people on the Autism spectrum keeps me on the go most
of the time. That is when my two small daughters and husband are not pulling me
in different directions.

I am the kind of gal who is quirky, unique, smutty, crazy, hard to hate, harder
to love. I have taken my love for telling stories to the next level by putting
my hat in the romance writing game.





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Blog Tour: A Thirty-Something Girl by Lisa M. Gott


Blog Tour:
Thirty-Something Girl
by Lisa M. Gott
Feb 22nd – Feb 29th


A Thirty-Something Girl follows the
story of Hope. At the age of 30, she finds her life in utter shambles.
Everything that could go wrong has – divorce, loss of a child, financial
struggles. It is the love and unfettered support of her close friends who keep
her from being lost in the quicksand of utter despair. As she slowly begins to
wrap her head around who she is and what it means to be happy, she meets a man,
Sam. Sam is also not a stranger to hardship and finds himself at his own
crossroads. Together they find comfort and peace in one another; a soft, quiet
place to fall, when the rest of the world is too hard and too noisy to inhabit.
A Thirty-Something Girl is a story about the power of human resilience, the
importance of friendships, and the magic of true love. It is a story that
teaches us (and reminds us) that happiness is actually a very simple concept:
it is a choice. A choice we must remember to make each and every day.



Lisa M. Gott was born in Washington,
DC, but found home in the heart of her husband. When she’s not weaving words,
you’ll find her listening to the whispers of the wind, dancing in the rain, or
curled up with a stack of books and a rich, intoxicating cup of coffee.
Her stories tell of the human spirit – sometimes
sad, sometimes not – most can relate to them on some level or another.




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Blog Tour: His Forever Serial Books 1-3 by Lena Bourne

 Blog Tour:

His Forever Serial Books1-3
by Lena Bourne
Feb 20th– Feb 27th

His Whims

(His Forever, Book 1)

(A Billionaire Alpha Romance Serial)



Introducing HIS WHIMS – book one of a hot and steamy new
billionaire alpha romance serial HIS FOREVER by Lena Bourne!
Twenty-six-year-old journalist Nicole has
struggled to get her dream job at one of the world’s leading newspapers, and
she’s determined to keep it. But when the attractive, newly made billionaire
banker Mark Cross suddenly reappears in her life, all that is threatened. He
wants to claim her, body and soul, and Nicole has never wanted to submit more,
yet to do so endangers everything she’s achieved.

Mark isn’t someone who takes no for an answer.
He’s worked hard to become one of the most successful and richest players in
town. Now he wants Nicole. Because he has loved her from afar for many years.
And he won’t rest until she is his. Forever.

*A steamy and suspenseful alpha billionaire
romance, perfect for fans of books by J.S. Scott, Cassie Cross, and Hannah

Suitable for readers 18 years of age and older.

Special introductory price: 99 cents!

Read for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

To read the PREQUEL to this story, download Christmas
Surprise by Lena Bourne for FREE.


HIS WHIMS (His Forever, Book One)
been back in the city for a week, and memories of Christmas break are beginning
to fade, or more like merge with all the other holiday memories. Even Mark
barging back into my life out of nowhere is starting to seem like something
that happened a while ago. Or only in my dreams.
that’s a lie.
still my first thought when I wake up and the last before I fall asleep.
Because the sex we had was mind-blowing. I’ve never had better. And the
feelings his kisses woke inside me won’t go away no matter how much I try to
ignore them. It’s like he’s always there, in the back of my mind. Watching me.
Sometimes I even find myself talking to him. It’s unnerving.
since he hasn’t been returning my calls.
lit out of town while I was getting changed at my parents place on Christmas
me a note nailed to the wooden door of his father’s cottage, with his phone
number and a vague excuse of having urgent business to take care of.
phone number that might not even be his, since I called a million times and
must’ve left about half as many voicemails.
That’s how I was coming across, but it’s stopping right now. This very morning.
apartment is cold, and the sky outside looks dreary, grey and overcast, like
it’s evening instead of morning. It snowed during the night, and will likely
again any minute.
love the beginning of winter; I don’t much care for the rest of it though.
phone rings while I’m shivering in the kitchen, waiting for my coffee to brew.
It’s my editor, and since it’s barely past six AM, I wonder if he even left the
office last night.
are you ready?” he asks as I pick up.
nod my assent and roll my eyes, before I realize he can’t see me, and reply
with, “Yes.”
don’t have to tell you how important this interview is. Don’t be late. We might
not get a second chance,” he says, not even pausing for breath. “Are you
am, Sam, don’t worry.” It’s the truth too. I was up until three AM prepping for
it. Because in a couple of hours, I’ll be having brunch with Milton Harrison,
the head of Harrison and Associates Bank. He hasn’t granted an interview in
over twenty years.
don’t be late. And wear something nice.”
hangs up before I can reply, which is probably for the best. Sam has been
stressing over this interview for the last three weeks, questioning my
readiness the whole time, and it’s seriously starting to get on my nerves.
spend the next hour or so picking out an outfit that’s womanly yet professional
at the same time. Milton Harrison is old school. He likes his women classy and
feminine. No one quite gets why he even agreed to let me interview him. Least
of all me. I’m a young professional woman, with a reputation as a real
go-getter, and I don’t think I can actually pull off feminine. I completely
forgot how to be that in the last few years while I toiled and struggled to get
this position at the Wall Street Journal as one of the staff writers. It’s
still very much a man’s world down on Wall Street, and I’ve adapted well. And
apart from my curvy shape, I was never very feminine to begin with.
times like these I wish I still had a roommate, so I could get some feedback on
outfits. The rest of the time I prefer living alone.
the end, I opt for a black pencil skirt, a silk blouse and a blazer. I’ll have
to wear stilettos to make the outfit work, and I’m dreading the snow. But this
outfit is the most feminine slash professional thing I own. I really should do
some shopping one of these days.
a quick shower, I’m ready.
arrive at the chic restaurant where the interview will take place almost a half
an hour early. Punctuality’s never been my thing, I’m always early.
waiter seats me, and I order a coffee while I wait. It arrives in a beautiful,
ornate pot, with a matching gold-rimmed cup and saucer, and I’m afraid I’ll
break both if I touch anything.
room is about half full of men in expensive business suits. I recognize some,
but not well enough to say hello. I bring out my tablet and notes, then sit
back and watch.
restaurant is gorgeous, and the chair I’m sitting in is possibly the most
comfortable one I’ve ever sat on. It’s plush, done up in cream velvet with
small flowers worked into the fabric. The table I’m sitting at has a marble top
and golden legs that look like lion’s paws. In fact, the whole space looks like
some ballroom in a European castle.
of the bankers and businessmen are there for meetings, though a few are having
brunch with girlfriends. These women all look like models, though if we’re
being honest, they’re most likely escorts. I look out of place in my business
attire, and a mass of loose, dark brown hair and probably weigh more than any
two of them combined.
still idly taking in my surroundings, when the whole room seems to do a
three-sixty. Mark is sitting with a group at one of the window tables. The
other men are talking, but Mark’s bright blue eyes are fixed on me, boring into
me like he can see right into my soul. All the butterflies in my stomach are
back in a flash and I forget I’m supposed to be mad at him. I just want him to
come over here so we can finish what we started on Christmas Eve.
mad at him. He abandoned me for the second time when he left this time, and it
won’t happen again.
man clears his throat beside me. “Good Morning. Are you Nicole West?”
break eye contact with Mark, acting like I didn’t even recognize him, and stare
up at Milton Harrison, extending my hand.
am. Thank you for meeting me here today.”
shake hands and he sits down. I can still feel Mark’s gaze on me like heat
coming off a fireplace, but I ignore him completely as I focus on the task at
that’s very hard now that Mark’s watching me. A fog is rising in my mind, and
all I’m really thinking of is Mark’s chiseled abs, his bulging biceps, his
tattooed chest and arms, as I knelt in front of him and…
Focus, Nicole.
fire off the first of my questions. Once the conversation gets going, I manage
to chase Mark from the forefront of my mind. But he’s still there in the back.
Watching. Listening.
live for these interviews. They’re my chance to make a difference in the world,
and I soon have Milton struggling to find the right answers. With the way he’s
diplomatically avoiding my more pointed questions, I might not get much out of
are one tough girl, aren’t you?” he finally snaps once I start seriously
grilling him.
smile flirtatiously, though inside I’m seething. Girl? I’ll show him girl. But
I shouldn’t make him mad, else I might never get another interview with anyone.
sorry, Mr. Harrison. Sometimes I get a little carried away. You know how it is.
I just want to do my best.”
chuckles at my obvious discomfort, which is only slightly faked. I’m getting
afraid he’ll cut this interview short.
sure, I understand. You wish to make a name for yourself,” he says, something
more fatherly crossing his face. “But I will not comment on the Martinez
there goes the whole article. Harrison’s involvement with one of the biggest
Mexican drug cartels is the main reason I sought this interview.
it a chance to tell your side of the story,” I suggest, surprised I have to. I
thought this was exactly why he was meeting me at all. “The story will get out
one way or another.”
pales at my thinly veiled threat, his whole face tightening. “There is no
involvement. We cut all ties as soon as we learned where the money was coming
a lie. Martinez and his dirty money were behind many of the projects backed by
Harrison until someone leaked the information. My sources say it still is, even
though Harrison and his bank are now claiming they’ve cut all ties.
the Imperial project is not going ahead then?” I ask.
look Harrison gives me now is pure venom. In a moment he’ll tell me to go to
hell with my questions and walk out.
Morning, Milton,” a very familiar voice says to my left. “Long time.”
Mark,” Harrison says, clearing his throat. “Are you finally established in the
shake hands, though Mark’s gaze lingers on me. Or, more accurately, on my
speaking, but I’m ignoring him so completely the words don’t even register. I
can almost feel the air crackling from his annoyance at this. But he ignored
all my calls, so I have nothing to say to him anymore.
how are you, Nicole?” he asks, and it takes my mind a few seconds to decipher
the words.
we met?” I shoot back, my own anger crackling now. He’s seriously gonna pretend
he’s not been dodging my calls? Well, we’ll see about that.
cocky grin is replaced by a look of dumb confusion. Serves him right.
you’ll excuse me,” I say and stand up. “I have to go freshen up.”
legs are jelly over what just happened, so I don’t know how I get to the
bathroom without falling. For the whole way, I can feel Mark’s gaze on me,
piercing me like a thousand daggers.
I’m done pining over him. Or wishing we could ever share something more than a
troubled past.
bathroom is huge, bigger than my whole apartment, and it’s stifling hot inside.
Though maybe I only feel like that because I just saw Mark, the man I’ve been
lusting over for the last three weeks. And I ignored him. Pretended I didn’t
know him. What was I thinking?
about to splash some cold water over my face, but remember my elaborate makeup
just in time.
I straighten up from bending over the sink, Mark’s standing right behind me,
his eyes piercing me through the mirror.
recognize me back there, huh?” he growls more than says, and it’s enough to
make my panties wet. Or maybe that’s because he’s leaning against me, his hard
cock pressed into my back. Even though I’m wearing stilettos, he towers over
blushing a hot pink, my mind trying to come up with a snappy comeback, but
failing. Of course I recognize him. I never want to not recognize him again.
hugs me from behind and slides his hand down behind my blouse. My nipples
instantly harden. I yelp as he pinches my right one painfully. “Maybe this
reminds you?”
other hand slides over my ass, squeezing hard.
Mark,” I manage. “Someone will see.”
my voice is sultry, and my whole body is vibrating in anticipation. I want him
so bad I might explode. But this is so improper. So dirty. Yet so exciting.
slides my skirt up over my hips, as he kisses my neck, biting down just right,
eliciting another sigh.
thought you were mine,” he whispers, as he slides down my tights.
such a gentle movement, abruptly cut short as he rips off my panties, the
elastic digging into my flesh painfully before it finally snaps. I yelp again,
trying to turn and stop what he’s doing. But he has me pinned against the sink,
holding me tight.
here,” I manage, and it’s something between a plea and an invitation.
not?” he asks. I hear his zipper open.
will come in,” I whisper, though I’m not sure I care any longer.
spreads my legs further apart with his knee. “Let them. Then everyone will know
you’re mine.”


Forever, Book Two)

Billionaire Alpha Romance Serial)



Now Available! HIS NEEDS – the sequel to HIS WHIMS and the
second book in the hot and steamy new billionaire alpha romance serial HIS
FOREVER by Lena Bourne! 
Twenty-six-year-old journalist Nicole has
struggled to get her dream job at one of the world’s leading newspapers, and
she’s determined to keep it. But when the attractive, newly made billionaire
banker Mark Cross suddenly reappears in her life, all that is threatened. He
wants to claim her, body and soul, and Nicole has never wanted to submit more,
yet to do so endangers everything she’s achieved. 

Mark isn’t someone who takes no for an answer.
He’s worked hard to become one of the most successful and richest players in
town. Now he wants Nicole. Because he has loved her from afar for many years.
And he won’t rest until she is his. Forever. 

*A steamy and suspenseful alpha billionaire
romance, perfect for fans of books by J.S. Scott, Cassie Cross, and Hannah

Suitable for readers 18 years of age and older.



His Fears

(His Forever, Book Three)

(A Billionaire Alpha Serial Romance)



Twenty-six-year-old journalist Nicole has
struggled to get her dream job at one of the world’s leading newspapers, and
she’s determined to keep it. But when the attractive, newly made billionaire
banker Mark Cross suddenly reappears in her life, all that is threatened. He
wants to claim her, body and soul, and Nicole has never wanted to submit more,
yet to do so endangers everything she’s achieved. 
Mark isn’t someone who takes no for an answer.
He’s worked hard to become one of the most successful and richest players in
town. Now he wants Nicole. Because he has loved her from afar for many years.
And he won’t rest until she is his. Forever. 

*A steamy and suspenseful alpha billionaire
romance, perfect for fans of books by J.S. Scott, Cassie Cross, and Hannah

Suitable for readers 18 years of age and older.




Lena Bourne writes stories about independent and smart women who mean everything to the strong men they love. If you’re looking for deep emotions, hot bedroom scenes, and some suspense thrown in, look no further than her books.If you sign up for my mailing lists, I promise not to ever spam you. You will, however, receive an early notice when I release new books, which will be available to you at a discount.
I love hearing from my readers! Here’s just some ways you can find me online…

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Release Blitz: Disarmed by M.S. L.R., Stefany Rattles


Release Blitz:


by M.S. L.R., Stefany Rattles

Feb 18th




Kyle Simmons is the CEO of Simmons Enterprises by day.

Contracted by ex-girlfriends that were treated badly by their boyfriends, Kyle

is the best at ruining lives. And that’s her second job, to give those scumbags

what they deserve. 

But when she meets her next assignment – Damian

Alexander, her whole world is turned upside down. She must find the strength

within her to get through the job. That is until Damian introduces her to his

adopted brother Kaden.

Kaden is the bad boy. He screams sexy and

dangerous. He may be every woman’s fantasy but he’s Kyle’s worst nightmare.

Kyle is stuck between a rock and a hard place as

she learns more about Damian and Kaden. She has a job to do but there’s a

hot-devilish rebel that she can’t stop thinking about.

What’s a girl to do? 

*A story about two souls that have been through

a lot.

Kaden can’t let go of his past. Kyle wants to

escape hers and never look back.

Together will they be able to move on or will

they end up destroying each other?*









Stefany Rattles, lived in Los Angeles California for

eight years and then moved to Arkansas and has been living there ever since.

She has a full time office job and writes on her free time. 

She graduated Springdale High in 2007. Currently

she is also attending Post University and hopes to get her degree in Computer

Information Systems.

She loves to read, write, read and write!

If you would like to get in touch with her you

can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.




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Blog Tour: Love is not enough Series by Jaye Cox

 Blog Tour: 

Love Is Not Enough Series

by Jaye Cox
Feb 3rd -Feb 5th

Unexpected Consequences
“He is my
“Just one look from him was enough to make me lose my resolve and do
things I usually wouldn’t. He might say he is not a good guy, if only he could
see himself the way I do. Even if being with him came with consequences.”
Isabella Preston’s life was perfect, until the day she met Rayne Hollywood. He
came into her life like a tornado – his world moved so fast that she loved it,
she felt free to be the person she really was and not the perfect person
everyone expected. Is she strong enough for everything that is Rayne
Hollywood?”She is my strength”

“She is the reason there is light in my darkness, the strength I need to
live. Seeing myself through her eyes gives me hope, that I deserve more in
life. Finding her was unexpected.

Rayne Hollywood was set on revenge and he was ready to do anything he had to do
to get it. He didn’t care about anyone he had to hurt in the process – until he
saw Isabella Preston. She wasn’t part of the plan, but he wanted her. The only
question was could he get the revenge he came here for and still keep the girl
he always wanted?
When you fall in love so fast, is love really enough to get you through all the
secrets and lies?

Maybe love is not enough.
Can be read as a standalone.




Under The Surface

(Love Is Not Enough #2)




“I don’t trust men,
they only ever take what they want and throw you away like yesterday’s trash.
The day I met Dex was no different, until I started to let him in. He could see
ME, not the person I have become to avoid being hurt. Then I had to question everything
I thought I knew, because he was different.”

Traumatised and screwed up, hard ass
Ruby Sinclair never stays too long in one place, never letting anyone get too
close. Always running to the only protection she knows –her brother. But a
chance meeting with Dex, changes everything.
“My life was perfect and then one day everything changed, my whole life was
turned upside down, FOREVER. I became a shell of the man I use to be. Then Ruby
happened, she was the breath of fresh air I didn’t know I needed, or wanted.
How can letting her in feel so wrong, but so right at the same time?”

Dex has inner demons that torment him
constantly. It’s meant to be just for the night; the last thing he expected is
a tattooed beauty oozing sex appeal to leave him breathless. Once he’s had a
taste of her, will he be able to stop?

With an undeniable sexual attraction
that devours them, neither one wants more, but both don’t want anything less.

When push comes to shove, will either
of them give an inch?

Can he teach me to trust again?

Could she teach me to love again?They were destined to cross paths… Because sometimes when two broken people
come together, they can once again become whole.

***Can be read as a standalone. Some parts of the book do intertwine with book one
and may contain spoilers. ***

Free Feb 3rd Feb 5th




Jaye Cox was born in Frankston Victoria and as a young child, she moved to sunny Queensland. Jaye is a wife and mother to six children. While raising her children for the last thirteen years, she decided she wanted to pursue her love of writing, which started with her love of reading. It is the one thing that became her break and escape of insanity of a large family.  jaye loves being a full-time mother, watching her children grow and enjoying every minute of it.

Jaye is an Author of heartbreakingly beautiful romance, who likes to think her characters can relate to real life people. She hopes her books can relate to events in our lives, that at the time we may not understand why, but one day maybe something good can come from the situation. Jaye doesn’t just like to think up characters, she loves to create friends and families who share a special bond.






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Cover Reveal: Identity by Courtney Lane & Yolanda Olson

Cover Reveal:
Identity by
Courtney Lane
Yolanda Olson
Feb 2nd
Title of Book: Identity
Genre: Erotic Thriller
Release Date: April 5, 2016*
(*release date is tentative)
Suppress. Struggle. Forget.
I had become a
hermit, hiding away from the truth about my past. My primary outlet and source
of income was my social and political commentary blog. People used to care
about what I had to say. Things changed. I barely gain enough traffic to pay
for my groceries.
It was supposed to be
the start of a daring article to increase interest in my blog; a letter to one
of the most dangerous criminals at San Quentin. It became something
more—something dangerous. It was too late to back out. My communication with
him had become the source of my livelihood and an escape from my life.
There’s just one
problem…I’m not who he thinks I am.
Wake up. Survive.
Sleep. Repeat.
For the past ten
years, that had been the most crucial part of my daily routine.
Life in San Quentin
had become monotonous, but I had managed to keep the guards in my back pocket
and a “fuck you” grin on my face.
Things changed the
day I got a letter from Candace McCaine. At first, it was just a way to pass
the time, but the more letters that came and went, the more dangerous life was
becoming for me.
After all, the most
dangerous thing you can allow yourself ever to feel is hope.
A lie can launch a
thousand misdeeds. For McKenna Morgan and Campbell Hughes the lies between them
may leave a shock-wave of destruction in its path.





Dark, twisted, and
addictive. For mature audiences only.
Bestselling Author.
Alice in Wonderland
Horror Obsessed.
Arsenic Laced.




been creating her own little world since she was very young. When she was eight
years old, she began to bring her worlds to life with a pen and paper.
While many of her
works touch several different genres, she has an  archetype when it comes to the female
protagonists in her stories — they have to have certain brand of strength, be
deeply flawed, and harbor layered personalities. In her books you will find
themes that reflect the darker side of life with a tremendous amount of depth
and complexity. She also has an affinity for characters that aren’t necessarily
the girl or boy next door, or the people you’d encounter in everyday life. In
other words, she prefers to explore characters who aren’t easy to fall in love
Currently, Courtney
can be found either working on her next book, playing the latest role-playing
game on her X-Box (preferably a game by Bioware), or spending time with her






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Blog Tour: The Imperial Arm (Knights of the Imperial Elite #1) by Beth Mikell


Blog Tour:
The Imperial Arm
(Knights of the Imperial Elite #1)
by Beth Mikell

Jan 30th – Feb 6th


Darrius of Blackstone, emissary to King Henry III, is
sent to northern England to snuff out an enemy of the crown. Everything spirals
out of control when the scales of justice tip and the controlled warrior
unleashes his heart upon a woman suffering from neglect. He knows the risks,
but he needs her light in his dark world.
Abused by her power-greedy father all her life, Lady Brenna of Carthmore
despises her pawn like status and the arranged marriage hanging over her head.
Yet her new husband confounds her at every turn. She stumbles upon his secret,
tipping the scale of the heart until betrayal vilifies a new day.The Imperial Arm and his Elite are confronted by all sides of misery and
everyone must reveal their deepest soul before blood runs.






Beth Mikell is an avid reader and writer across many
genres. She’s a native Floridian, yet at thirteen, her family moved to Alabama
and as the years turned into several, she traveled to many countries such as
Brazil, Turkey, and Iran. When it comes to writing, Beth likes to weave tales
about love, loss, and rebuilding hope, either in fiction or poetry. She finds
the most challenging part of writing to be the end—saying goodbye is never




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