Blog Tour- Consumed Series by Abigail M.


Blog Tour Dates: January 19th – February 2nd 2017
Title: Consumed Series
Author: Abigail M | @AuthorAbigailM
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Dates:
REVENGE December 28th 2016
DECEPTION January 11th 2017
SECRETS UNCOVERED January 25th 2017
Part One: Consumed by
Jake Unexpected.
Damaged. I was consumed by revenge. No room for anything else. Not even
her… Aspen Shattered.
  Heartbroken. So
many secrets. I needed to be consumed by him. I was…
Part Two: Consumed by
Jake My only mission was to earn back Aspen’s trust.  In helping her, I lead her down a track
neither of us ever expected. I just hope she remembers not to kill the
  Me. Aspen Jake is persistent.  A trait that comes in handy when helping me
to uncover the motives behind the kidnapping.

How can my savior, my defender, my protector, be consumed in so much
Part Three: Consumed
by Secrets Uncovered
Jake Watching Aspen’s whole life implode is one of the
hardest things I have ever done. But I can’t be near her.
  Not now I know who she is. Aspen The hits
just keep coming. I am not sure I will survive any more secrets uncovered. And
when my whole world collapses, who is left?
by Revenge
Text Copyright © 2016 Abigail M.


All Rights Reserved
Jake had noticed Aspen when she first
walked in and taken a seat at the bar.
Hard to miss her.  And obviously
by the familiar way she acted with the bartender, she was a regular. He knew
that the gym owner’s sister worked at the gym he was applying for a job at; he
just hadn’t known she looked like this. Her dark curls fell down to her waist
begging for his hands to run through them.
Her waist flared out to hips and long legs that made his mouth water.   And tonight, seeing the curls ripple down
her back as she threw back shots, had him imagining them spread across his bed,
his chest, his……. Letting out a moan, Jake closed his eyes and willed his
body to cease
betraying him. Once under control, he
chanced a glance towards her again.
POW!  Aspen had turned on her
stool and was now staring straight at him with those green eyes that missed not
a thing.  Her lips were turned up at the
corners as she raised the shot glass towards him, then tipped back her head and
sculled.  He watched the way her throat
worked and knew without a doubt, he had not a chance in this world of keeping
his hands off of her.
by Deception


Text Copyright © 2016 Abigail M.
All Rights Reserved
Jake watched as Aspen came out of the front entrance of the
hospital. She was finally being discharged after three weeks. This was the
first time he had seen her since he had shot her. No smile, no wave, no move in
his direction. She looked exhausted.

Longing to hold her in his arms, Jake pushed himself off the
side of his car and took a couple of steps towards her, causing her to look in
his direction. It was then he noticed a wariness in her he had never seen
before. When Aspen took a step backwards, he froze in shock. To be this close
and not be able to touch her was excruciating.

Her hair was starting to fall out of her bun with tendrils
floating around her face. He remembered not so long ago he would have walked up
to her and brushed them back.

His hand was itching to touch her. But the look on her face was
enough to have him keep his hands by his side. It was as if she was made of
by Secrets Uncovered
Copyright © 2016 Abigail M.
All Rights Reserved
There was never
any question of if I would find my brother, only when.  It may have taken me years but I knew the day
would come.  And he would have no choice
but to hand her over. 
But then I saw
her spending time with another beauty with flowing blonde hair. And I knew I
had to have her as well.  Didn’t matter
to me she was already in a relationship; never has before and never will.  These girls are privileged to make my
acquaintance. And I take good care of them while they keep my interest. 
As for Tim, he
was just as meddling as his brother.
Thought he could rescue one of my girls?
I showed him.


Writer of Erotic Romantic Suspense Abigail was
once upon a time an accountant, business services manager and office
administrator, however now Abigail is working towards her dream of being a
published author and fits writing into her busy days as a stay at home mum to
four beautiful babies/teenagers.


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