RELEASE BOOST- Wreck You by Randi Perrin




Title: Wreck You
Series: Trade Me
Author: Randi Perrin
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: September 27, 2016

Mechanic for Hard and Fast, Mike Davis has an intense crush on the parts delivery driver, Blake. For the sake of the business, he keeps his distance, not acting on his wanton desires. What Mike doesn’t realize is Blake is crushing equally as hard on him.Just as love and life appear to take shape for Mike, his old demons take hold and drag him under, leaving him spiraling out of control.

Will Blake push Mike further into the abyss or will he be the one to finally pull him free?

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Author Bio

Randi has spent her entire life writing in one form or another. In fact, if she wasn’t writing, she’d likely go completely and utterly insane. Her husband has learned to recognize when the voices are talking in her head and she needs some quality time with an empty Word file (the key to a successful marriage with a writer).

She lives with her husband, daughter, and four-legged children—all of which think they are people too.

A pop-culture junkie, she has been known to have entire conversations in movie quotes and/or song lyrics.


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COVER REVEAL- Elicit by M. Never



Title: Elicit
Series: Decadence After Dark #5
Author: M. Never
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
 Cover Design: Marisa Shor, Cover Me Darling
Photo Credit: Sara Eirew

Release Date: October 12, 2016



“You don’t know what he’s capable of.”“You don’t know what I’m capable of.”

Jett Fox has been surrounded by women his entire life. He knows what makes them tick, how to make them feel beautiful, and how to work their feminine wiles to his advantage. Honing sexuality is in his blood.

It’s his gift.

Jett is accustomed to women eating out of the palm of his hand, but when a tall, mysterious, redheaded goddess strolls into Mansion – his domain – the eccentric Dom finds himself enamored. She becomes an obsession in his dark, secretive, and dangerous underworld – a world that appears one way on the outside but is entirely different within.

Forced to maintain the ruse at all costs, he’ll walk a treacherous line between allegiance and lust, deliberately deceiving the one woman who means anything to him.

But the mysterious redhead has secrets of her own – secrets inlaid so deep they could threaten to tear both their hearts, and worlds, and livelihoods apart.

You’ve been claimed by Kayne…seduced by Juice… now it’s time to live Elicitly with Jett.

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Author Bio

M. Never resides in New York City. When she’s not researching ways to tie up her characters in compromising positions, you can usually find her at the gym kicking the crap out of a punching bag, or eating at some new trendy restaurant.She has a dependence on sushi and a fetish for boots. Fall is her favorite season.

She is surrounded by family and friends she wouldn’t trade for the world and is a little in love with her readers. The more the merrier. So make sure to say hi!

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COVER REVEAL- Crazy for the Boss by Ashlee Mallory



Title: Crazy for the Boss
Series: Crazy in Love #1 
Author: Ashlee Mallory
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: Letitia, RBA Designs
Release Date: September 29, 2016

Screw-up. Black sheep. Aimless playboy.For most of his life, James Thornhill accepted that his family would never see him as anything but a failure. But as the new CEO of Thornhill Management, he’s been given another chance to set things right. First order of business? Settling a nuisance lawsuit and bringing the pesky but dedicated employment attorney on board as part of his team. Second order of business? Resisting the prim but fiery new employee who has somehow become utterly indispensable in his life.

Ice Queen. Good girl. Uptight do-gooder.

Quinn Taylor has grown up always doing what was right and, since graduating from law school, likens herself to a modern-day David taking on the Goliaths of the world. Goliaths such as the CEO of Thornhill Management. Playing babysitter and muse to the overindulged CEO was not what she had in mind, but with mounting debt making even a cup of coffee a luxury, Quinn’s ready to swallow her pride and get in bed with the devil. Something that, the more time she spends with the man, becomes increasingly enticing.

But the stakes are too high for either of them to risk an inner-office fling…until an unexpected trip to Quinn’s hometown brings a long-denied simmering attraction to a boil. They’ll have to decide what they’re willing to risk and how far they’re willing to fall if love doesn’t conquer all.

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“Okay, you really want to discuss this now? What happened today was a big mistake. As in, it shouldn’t have happened and it can never happen again.”“Why?”

“Why? Are you seriously asking me that? Because—” She stopped, and it was hard to miss the way she was staring at his lips before she realized what she was doing and turned quickly away. He had to work not to laugh.

She tried again, “Because I work for you. You’re my boss. Anything beyond that would be highly inappropriate. You do not date your boss.”

“Ordinarily, I might agree with you. As a blanket statement, that’s a practical and reasonable business policy. But we’re different. This thing between us…it’s different.”

She snorted. “As everyone who dates their boss and lives to regret it undoubtedly says. James, we’re not different. I know you, how you operate. Dating—a lot of dating of a lot of different women—is your M.O. A three-day weekend in Napa is your idea of long-term commitment. Look, I can see how maybe the whole forbidden office romance thing has maybe made this seem more scintillating to you, but I’m not about to risk my job and my reputation for a flash-in-the-pan affair that, when you’ve moved on, will make me the office joke.”

“You could never be a joke,” he said, all humor lost, and he leaned forward so she could see the intensity in his eyes. “Quinn, I don’t blame you for being doubtful of my intentions. I don’t have the best track record where dating and women are concerned. But that’s only because none of those women were you.”

She rolled her eyes. “Do you use that line often?”

He didn’t flinch, just continued to meet her eyes. “Never. I’m always honest with the women I date, just as I’ve always been honest with you. The truth is, even before this weekend, I’ve been fighting this growing…need for you. Wanting to see you every day, to hear your voice, even when you’re angry with me—”

“You have to stop talking like this, James. It’s—it’s just not going to happen.”

“Because I’m your boss.”

“Yes, because you’re my boss. And have you thought for one second about the possibility that I just don’t feel the same way about you?”

Now he did laugh, a warm chuckle.


Author Bio

Ashlee Mallory is a USA Today Bestselling author of Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Thrillers. A recovering attorney, she currently resides in Utah with her husband and two kids. She aspires to one day include running, hiking and traveling to exotic destinations in her list of things she enjoys, but currently settles for enjoying a good book and a glass of wine from the comfort of her couch.

Ashlee loves to hear from readers. You can find her at any of the following links, so please feel free to drop her a line, or you can subscribe to her email list and keep updated with any news of upcoming releases, sales, and giveaways by clicking here:

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RELEASE BOOST- Blended by Sasha Brümmer



Title: Blended
A Redemption Novel
Author: Sasha Brümmer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 19, 2016



Clichéd sentiments of love are not my thing. Instead, I give into raw temptation and thrive on the physical aspects of what men have to offer. Unemotional, carnal connections are what I live for, and they seem to keep me in a blissfully naïve state.I’ve gone years with a different man in a different bed each night, but one glance from a ruminating stranger as he lifts my panties to his nose narrows my attraction from multiple men to only one.

I’m not entirely sure how to process the thoughts and passions battling in my mind until he gives me no other choice…until I’m thrust into an unstable emotional high that I cannot seem to resist.

His objective is to break me in and savor me as if I’m his favorite bottle of single malt whiskey.

I’m well aware of my sensual dependencies. He’s unaware that his still exist.


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Author Bio

A self-published author by night and all around busybody by day, Sasha is an international baby, born in gorgeous South Africa. Her cultured lifestyle is one that many don’t get to experience. When she’s not preoccupied with reading romance novels, she’s hashing out new ways to translate a titillating and libidinous scene onto a page.


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RELEASE BLITZ- Endless Obsession by Alex Grayson



Title: Endless Obsession
Author: Alex Grayson
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 23, 2016

I’ve silently watched her for a year, staying hidden in the shadows, biding my time.She may know me as two different men, but hasn’t a clue what I’ve done.

She unknowingly became mine the minute my eyes touched her beauty.

But I’ve done things. Things she may not be able to forgive.

I know all her secrets, her habits, her preferred coffee, what she does in her spare time, her favorite lingerie brand, even that she sleeps naked.

At night, I watch her from her window. During the day, I watch her from my computer. She innocently bares her heart and body to me, and I soak up every single fucking second.

I’ve stayed away, but I’m tired of watching from afar. It’s time Poppy finds out just who I am and what I’m willing to do to take what’s mine. She may hate me when she finds out my what I’ve done, but she has no choice but to accept it. She will be my wife. She will mother my children. I will claim every part of her heart, body, and soul. Anything else is unacceptable.

Poppy Lexington has become my ultimate obsession, and I will become her uncontrollable addiction.


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Unknown: Have you
enjoyed the flowers I’ve sent you?
I freeze, except for my eyes, which pop open wide in shock.
My breath gets caught in my throat when I realize this must be my mystery
flower guy.
It’s him!
Why in the world is he texting me? After all this time, why
contact me now? And what in the hell do I say to him? It’s become a routine.
I’ve gotten used to getting the roses and not knowing who they are from.
Question after question runs through my mind. Who is he? Why send me flowers?
Why not introduce himself? Where did he first see me? How did he find out where
I worked? And how in the hell did he get my number?
That’s my number one question, so I ask him.
Me: How did you get my
It only takes seconds for me to receive a reply, and I’m not
sure how to take it.
Unknown: I have my
ways. You didn’t answer my question.
He has his ways? What is that supposed to mean? My chest
tightens with fear at his answer. I push back the fear and ask another question
I’m dying to know.
Me: They’re beautiful,
thank you. Who are you?
Unknown: You’ll find
out soon enough.
Umm… say what? Another question avoided. My eyes narrow in
Me: I’m not sure I
like that answer. I have no idea who you are. What if I don’t want to know you
once I find out?
I notice the time on my phone and pull the second thigh-high
up my leg, keeping my eyes on the screen the entire time. This is really weird,
him having my number. I’m sure it’s not too hard to get the information, but
it’s the point that he went through the trouble to get it. I hate being left in
the dark like this.
My phone dings again, and I quickly grab it.
Unknown: You’ll want
to know me. Trust me.
Trust him? That’s laughable. How can he think I’ll trust him
when I have no idea who he is?
Me: It’s hard to trust
someone I don’t know.
I slip my feet in my heels as I wait for him to reply. It’s
doesn’t take long.
Unknown: You’ll learn.
Unsure of how to respond to that, I walk back to the kitchen
to get a travel mug of coffee ready. He seems so confident, and cocky. Maybe a
little too much, since it’s coming from a total stranger. How can he be so
I type out my original question again.
Me: Who are you?
Unknown: Soon…
I grip my phone in frustration. Now that he’s contacted me,
the need to know who sends me roses every week is overwhelming. It’s no longer
a curiosity—I need to know. I should
be more afraid, but I’m not, and that gives me pause. Why am I not more
fearful? He’s obviously hiding something, right? But what?
He sends another text before I get a chance to reply.
Unknown: Have a good
day at work, Beautiful.
What? That’s it? He has flowers delivered to me every week
for eight months, messages me out of the blue with cryptic messages, then
wishes me a good day at work? Pissed off vibes has my gut clenching. How dare
he contact me and leave me hanging.
Me: That’s it? That’s
all I get out of you?
I flip the off switch on the coffee pot, grab my now full
travel mug, my purse, and with phone still in hand, I leave my house, locking
it up behind me.
I’m buckling my seatbelt when he replies.
Unknown: For now, yes.
Oh no, that doesn’t work for me. He needs to give me
something. He can’t just expect me to accept his non-answers.
Me: How do you know
me? How do you know where I work?
Unknown: I know a lot
of things about you, Poppy.
Me: You’re not helping
your case of me wanting to know you. It’s freaking me out that you know stuff
about me, personal stuff, when I don’t even know your name. That’s not normal.
It’s pretty stalkerish, don’t you think?
I notice the time on my phone again and see I have a few
minutes before I need to leave, so I decide to wait for his reply.

Unknown: Just call me Mr. A for now. Have a safe trip to work.

Author Bio
Alex Grayson is originally from the south, but has recently moved to Northern Ohio. Although she misses the warmth of Florida and often times detest the cold of Ohio, she absolutely loves living in the north. Her and her husband bought a house on two acres of land and live there with their daughter, son, one dogs, two cats, eight ducks, and three chickens. She hopes to eventually get a couple of goats to add to their country way of living. Besides her family and home, her next best passion is reading. She is often found with her nose obsessively stuck in a book, much to the frustration of her husband and daughter. On more than one occasion Alex found herself wanting a book to go a certain way, but it didn’t. With these thoughts in mind, she decided to start writing stories according to her own visions. Although this is a new endeavor for her, she hopes that readers find her concepts on romance intriguing and captivating. Alex welcomes and encourages feedback, of any kind. She can be contacted at
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