Release Blitz- A Storm Within by C. Tuttle



A Storm Within by C. Tuttle

Genre:  Young Adult/Romance

Release Date:  May 30th, 2016

Cover Model:  Sean Alexander

Photographer: Eric McKinney of 6:12 Photography

Cover Design:  Concierge Literary Designs




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There’s something dark lurking in the dreams of the students at Calvary High.
AUBRIE MARSHALL thought his last year of High School would be filled with memories to last him a lifetime. Instead, he’s learning his friends are his only salvation, the decisions he has to make could destroy everything he’s ever known, and the only solution lies within him.

MAKAYLA QUINN just wanted to get through her senior year without ‘guy drama’ and to mend things with Aubrie, her best friend. Believing he was her soul mate she’s now put to the test by another love interest fighting for her attention. With the two boys confusing her every step of the way…

Can she figure things out or will she lose them both? Will they be able to weather the storms or will they lose the battle with the darkness lurking from within?




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C. Tuttle is a resident of Upstate NY where she enjoys the beautiful scenery and the wonderful people. Moving here almost ten years ago, she has explored many of what NYS has to offer, from the amazing mountain views of the Adirondacks to the breathtaking skyline views of the city.


She draws inspiration from her surroundings and all the people she meets in transit.
She works for an ambulance agency that covers portions of Central New York and beyond. She’s been an EMT for close to ten years and enjoys the everyday grind of helping people and knowing she can help make a difference in people lives.







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Title: Murder

Series: Sinful Secrets #2

Author: Ella James

Genre: Romantic Suspense

 Release Date: May 31, 2016



Let me tell you now: I kill her.

I love Gwenna White more than my life. And still – I’m her demise.

It should have been simple. Easy come, easy go, and in between: atonement.

She was not who I’d have chosen.

Gwen was delicate and lovely: a former model with a ruined life, living loudly in the quiet of the Smoky Mountains, healing injured bears.

When she laid her hands on me, she healed me, too.

That’s how it began. That’s where it went wrong.

I knew she could never be mine. But I sinned.

I sinned.


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Author Bio


Ella James is the USA Today bestselling author of fourteen teen and adult romance novels. She’s a Southerner who came to Colorado and can’t say goodbye to the mountains, despite missing sweet tea, the Gulf Coast, and good barbecue.

Ella is raising two children who will probably grow up believing many untruths about everything from dragons to the necessity of wearing shoes.

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Release Blast- DANGER by Fiona Davenport

Mafia Ties
Fiona Davenport
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
This is not a standalone
**Danger: Mafia Ties #3 release date: June 6, 2016**

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Anna Martin was looking for a nanny position,
but she found more than she bargained for when she fell for single dad Nic
DeLuca. When she finds out he’s a mafia boss, her head tells her to run but her
heart tells her to stay. With his baby girl in the hospital, Anna stands by her
man in his time of need. But when danger swirls around them, will they
manage to find happiness together?
note: Nic & Anna’s romance is a three-part story, but there are no
relationship cliffhangers.

(Review here, if reviewing)
the girl was fast. But Nic was just as quick, because I found myself lifted off
my feet, carried into the house, and placed onto the couch in the living room,
in what felt like the blink of an eye.
sat down next to me, leaning over, his face close to mine. “We need to
talk.” I pushed against his chest, trying to get out from under him, my
mind a jumbled mess after everything I’d just heard. What I’d just learned
about him. My Nic was a mobster. It was almost impossible to believe. He was
into bad stuff, illegal stuff. Things about which I had zero clue because he’d
kept me in the dark.
talk,” he promised, his hand sliding under my robe and up my inner thigh.
I stuttered, my breath hitching when he sank two fingers inside me.
you come on my hand, in my mouth, and on my cock.”
pushed against his chest again, even as my legs widened slightly, giving him
better access to my body. “I’m angry with you, Nic. And hurt. And a little
stilled over me, staring down at me with pain filled eyes. “I will never
hurt you, mia dolce. Never.”
was a heartfelt vow, and I believed him. It might make me the most naïve person
on the planet, but I knew deep in my bones that Nic didn’t mean me any harm.
know,” I whispered softly, one hand sliding up his chest to cup his cheek.
“But I’m still unbelievably angry with you.”
take your anger out on my body, Gianna, and let me show you exactly how sorry I
I tried to protest. Despite everything, my body responded to his dark tone. A
quick twist of his wrist had his fingers rubbing against my G-spot and any
coherent thought fled my brain.
expert strokes, he drove me higher and higher until I was fulfilling the first
part of his promise, coming on his hand. Then he dropped to his knees, lifting
my legs over his shoulders, and his mouth latched on to me. He ate at me like
he was starving—licking and sucking while he held my hips down so I couldn’t
move. It wasn’t until I’d come twice more that he lifted his head. I saw my
wetness glistening on his beard before he wiped it against my belly, bared as
the robe had parted wide down the middle. Then he unbuckled his belt, unzipped
his pants, and pulled his cock out. It was hard and bobbed thickly against his
any preamble, he lifted my hips into the air, lining us up and driving inside
of me. Sensitive from my orgasms, I felt every inch of him as he slid against
my drenched heat. He was so big, my body had to stretch to take him all.
Somehow, I was both uncomfortable and excited at the same time. Then he pulled
out, only to thrust back in and my mind blanked as he pounded into me. Deep and
hard. I’d thought he’d been rough with me the night before, but it was nothing
compared to the way he was taking me now. Like he owned me, and my body loved
it. I was caged between his muscular body and the couch, writhing in ecstasy,
and even with what I knew about him, it felt like exactly where I belonged.
When his mouth dropped down to mine, claiming it in a searing kiss, I was
thrown over the edge once again, taking him with me.
heaving, on a panting breath, Nic growled, “Now we can talk. And you’ll
listen to me, with my come filling your pussy.”

Deception (Mafia
Ties #1)
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on Kindle
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**All books available on Kindle Unlimited**

Risqué Contracts Series Box Set
Penalty Clause, Contingency Plan & Fraternization Rule

Yeah, Baby Series Box Set
Baby, You’re Mine, Baby Steps & Baby, Don’t Go
Death Do We Part
Sex & Vows Novel




Hello! My name is Fiona
Davenport and I’m a smutoholic. I’ve been reading raunchy romance novels
since… well, forever and a day ago it seems. And now I get to write sexy
stories and share them with others who are like me and enjoy their books on the
steamier side. Fiona Davenport is my super-secret alias, which is kind of
awesome since I’ve always wanted one.


Cover Reveal- Belfast Bound by Leigh Stone




 Cover Reveal – Belfast Bound Series – Leigh Stone  

Book – Belfast Bound Series 

Author – Leigh Stone

Cover Reveal – 31st May

Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossom Promotions


Belfast Bound ~ Series


Lex’s Melody – Belfast Bound #1





Lex’s Melody is Leigh Stone’s first erotic novel, set in the

Northern Ireland city of Belfast.




Alex Matthews is a tall, handsome dominant. He exists on the thrill that having

a woman submit to him creates. He doesn’t date, he doesn’t commit. He works hard

as an architect by day, and demands control over his submissives in his

downtime. Melody Anderson is a 26-year-old college student who is about to

change all that.

When her best friend Jonny suggests that she try a dating website, Mel has no

idea where it will lead. Alex finds her profile compelling, and on their first

meeting in the oldest bar in Belfast makes the suggestion that she should

submit to him. Enthralled by where this could lead, Mel agrees, and the pair

find themselves bound together in submission and dominance.

Alex soon finds that with Mel, his previous vice of submission only, isn’t

enough, and he yearns to make their relationship more, but a dark shadow from

Alex’s past looms menacingly on the horizon.

Will Alex overcome his fears from the past and find a future with Mel, or will

it all end in tragedy?


Contains graphic sexual scenes including those with BDSM overtones. Also

contains graphic language, and therefore is not suitable for under 18’s.







Melodic Minor – Belfast Bound #2





SYNOPSIS: They say the course of true love never runs smooth, and that’s

certainly been the experience for Alex and Mel. Fear drove them away from each

other, and tragedy almost tore them apart forever.


In a continuation of the love affair between Alex and Melody, we join the pair

right where Lex’s Melody left off, and this time we get to hear the tale

through their own words in this first person narrative.


What does fortune now hold for the lovers, can they settle down and have the

future together that they both deserve, or will old fears be renewed and

threaten to pull them apart again?


Only time will tell!






Pulled Apart – Belfast Bound #3






SYNOPSIS: It’s been a long journey to get here. A long, painful journey, I

have the scars, nightmares, and panic attacks to prove it. I never would have

believed, all those years ago, that Oliver Watson would have been my worst

nightmare. I’m not sorry that he’s dead. I’m just sorry that it wasn’t at my

hand. I hate him. I hate what he did to me. I hate what he has taken from me.

More than anything, I hate him for taking the coward’s way out. He was supposed

to rot in prison for his crimes, not leave me to be the only one to face what



I’m Juliet Monroe. I’m twenty-five years old and I have been through hell. I’ve

learned so much about myself. The thing that I’ve learned most is just how

strong I can be, but as strong as I am, without my friends, I wouldn’t be here.

I’ve learned that friends can be your lifelines, friends can be your support,

friends can be your saviours, and sometimes, they might just save your



**WARNING** This book is intended for mature audiences (18+) only. The

storyline is a rape survivor’s retelling of their story, and as such may cause

distress. While acts of violence are depicted, it is vital to the main premise

of being able to move on with hope.







Magnetic Attraction – Belfast Bound #4

Coming Soon Not 2 Be Missed





Titanic Signing Belfast, 2018 – March 24th.

Held in the iconic Titanic Belfast museum – Saturday March 24th 2018, this international book signing will be an event that will not be forgotten! Afterwards we head on to the Europa Hotel for ‘A Night to Remember’ with a Gala Dinner and partying on into the wee hours.

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I’m Leigh Stone, I live in Northern Ireland, just outside the capital city of Belfast, in a house I share with my teenage daughter, and our personal zoo (1 Labrador mix, 3 cats, and 2 rabbits!).


I’m first and foremost a reader, and a fast reader at that, often devouring books in a single sitting over a period of hours. I have always had aspirations to write and become a published author, but as a teenager I was encouraged to look for a different profession, as being an author “wouldn’t pay the bills.”


It was that reading that lead a friend of mine to suggest that I had read so many of those books that I could probably write my own! It seemed like a good idea, and I thought that I would give it a try 🙂 a few months later Lex’s Melody was well underway, and the rest as they say is history!





RELEASE BLITZ- Hold You Against Me by Skye Warren




Title: Hold You Against Me
Series: Stripped 

Author: Skye Warren
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 31, 2016




From New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren comes a sexy new novel in the Stripped series…


Once upon a time the daughter of a mafia king fell in love with a foot soldier.


This fairy tale didn’t have a happy ending.


My sister and I barely managed to escape alive, and we’ve lived in relative hiding ever since. I’m safe now, but I can never forget the boy who gave his life to save mine.


Except there’s a chance that he’s still alive. And he’s fighting a war.


Even knowing the risks, I have to find him. I have to find some way to protect him, the way he protected me. But he isn’t the boy I left behind. He’s a violent man. A criminal. And he’s been waiting for me–the final pawn in a dark game of survival and love.

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 Author Bio



Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dark romance such as Wanderlust and Prisoner. Praised as a “true mistress of dark erotica”, her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, four dogs, and one evil cat.



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